Healing Times listed are only for a general reference for the maximum amount of time a tattoo should take to heal if taken care of 100% properly and no issues arise. If you do not do everything in your power to take care of your tattoo, expect longer to much longer healing times. If you do stupid things to or with your healing tattoo like picking it or getting it dirty amongst other things can cause scaring, colour loss or totally destroy it. If you allow it to get unclean in anyway you could cause a serious infection and can expect a trip to the doctor or worse. Please see our Aftercare Instructions. The average tattoo taken care of properly should go through a few stages and they are:

1) Up to the 3rd-4th day after having the tattoo done it is still pretty fresh.

2) On the 4th-5th day after receiving the tattoo you will form a scab over the tattoo until about the 8th day of receiving the tattoo.

3) On the 9th-10th day after receiving the tattoo the scabs should start falling off leaving a thin layer of skin over the tattoo, which will cause the tattoo to go into step 4.

4) We call this stage the "milky white" stage because of the way the skin on top of the tattoo makes the tattoo look faded but after about 5-6 days of having the milky white stage, the now dead layer of skin on top of the tattoo will begin to peel off and flake like a light to mild sunburn would, revealing the new skin with the tattoo brilliantly showing.

5) Total healing time is usually about 15-19 days if taken care of properly.

If you have any questions please call Urban Ink Tattoo & Piercing Company.

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